The Gymbo Team

Jonathan Marcel (Founder)

Like Gymbo, Jon comes from the worlds of both athletics and technology. Jon spent 15(ish) years as a competitive fencer, training in Boston, New York City, and Portland, OR. He traveled the world, competing as a representative of the United States, and even took a run at the Olympic team in 2008. (If you're wondering, he didn't make it... awwww)

During and after all that, Jon gained extensive experience in his technology career. He worked as a front end developer, graduated from NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP), fell in love with UX design / product management, and was finally captured by the siren song of tech start-up life.

Gymbo was born when Jon (working on another project at the time) didn't want to shell out the exorbitant fees to once again work with a personal trainer. Leaning on his previous experience in athletics, he put together a basic workout generator instead. After months of adding features, he realized he was in love and dropped everything else to work on Gymbo full time.

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