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Create, assign, and save workouts

Create workouts from our library of over 300 exercises or upload your own signature moves that only you can use. Easily assign workouts you've created to you clients, or save favorites to use again and again.

Track client progress

Gymbo's tracking and graphing features give you real data on how your clients are progressing. The client dashboard allows you to quickly review each of your clients' activities- the ones you assign and the ones they do on their own.

Train remotely OR in person

There's no reason that training remotely means you can't see clients in person. Think of this as just one more way you can help people meet their goals. It just happens to be a quick and easy way that lets you follow more clients than ever before!

Rake in the dough

It only takes a few minutes to check your clients' progress and assign them their next workout. Even at less than your normal per/session rate, you'll still be making more per hour than usual.